6 dimensional containment field for God 1. L 2.S 3. G 4. I 5. A 6. B

There is not some weird liking here for the complex term LSGIA  Being (le si gee a) . Not at all. And in the quest to harness Fusion Energy there probably is not some inherent love of a containment field. But it is recognized as necessary.

All of the beings at this site have been harnessed to huge Advantage by the creative force in the universe and many of them call that Force God. But history has proven with cruel clarity that the three letter word god is almost always used for evil and not good. Yet the concept is indispensable to those who have been of Hope and life force for creation.

The six dimensions of a containment field formed by these six words, Loving Soul of Goodness in Action Being are much more likely to communicate the force that animates all the lives here, much less likely to be perverted, and much more adequate for the individual that wants to harness and be harnessed by that creative Force.

 The cumbersome phrase loving Spirit of goodness in action being, not so difficult to pronounce as an  acronym, la-si-gee-a being. LSGIA Being.

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