LSGIABeing Library card catalog updated 1/5/2020

Catalog updated 1/5/2020

A tremendous number of these are available for free at internet archive. With a little bit of initiative you can discover how to use the free Windows Calibre reading application to turn archive.Org books that you download into something that you can carry with you and have the free @Voice application even read them to you.

  1. Adler, Alfred Individual Psychology
  2. Adler, Alfred Understanding Human Nature
  3. Adler, Alfred Practice And Theory Of Individual Psychology
  4. Adler, Alfred Social Interest, A Challenge To Mankind
  5. Adler, Alfred The Science Of Living
  6. Adler, Alfred What Life Could Mean To You
  7. Adler, Alfred The Education Of Children
  8. Alinsky, Saul Revely For Radicals
  9. Alinsky, Saul Rules For Radicals
  10. Barragan, Phil Lambs War Excerpts
  11. Barragan, Phil Quotations
  12. Barragan, Phil Lambs War
  13. Barragan, Phil The Times Discipline
  14. Biko, Steve Biko Biography
  15. Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Cost Of Discipleship
  16. Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Selected Writings
  17. Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Letters From Prison
  18. Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Ethics
  19. Castro, Fidel Autobiography
  20. Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly Creativity
  21. Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly Evolving Self
  22. Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly Flow
  23. Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly Good Business
  24. Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly Talented Teens
  25. Day, Dorothy A Radical Devotion
  26. Day, Dorothy The Long Loneliness
  27. Day, Dorothy Biography
  28. Day, Dorothy Loaves And Fishes
  29. Day, Dorothy Remembering Dorothy Day
  30. Debs, Eugene V Writings
  31. Dellinger, David From Yale To Jail
  32. Dellinger, David More Power Than We Know
  33. Dellinger, David Revolutionary Nonviolence
  34. Deming, Barbara Revolution And Equilibrium
  35. Deming, Barbara Without Our Lives
  36. Dubois, Web The Negro
  37. Dubois, Web The Souls Of Black Folk
  38. Frankl, Viktor Man's Search For Meaning
  39. Gandhi All Men Are Brothers
  40. Gandhi Collected Works
  41. Gandhi Quotes
  42. Gandhi The Essential Gandhi
  43. Gandhi Tolstoy Letters
  44. Guevara, Che Essays
  45. Heschel, Abraham Human And Holy
  46. Heschel, Abraham Promise Of Heschel
  47. Heschel, Abraham Quotes
  48. Heschel, Abraham Wisdom Of Heschel
  49. Jesus Actual words according to the Jesus seminar
  50. Jesus in the morality of his followers early on as derived from the Jesus seminar work
  51. Jesus, not Jesus according to the Jesus seminar
  52. Khan, Ghaffar Nonviolent Soldier Of Islam
  53. King, Martin Luther Autobiography
  54. King, Martin Luther Call To Conscience
  55. King, Martin Luther Knock At Midnight
  56. King, Martin Luther Letter From Birmingham Jail
  57. King, Martin Luther Sermons
  58. King, Martin Luther Speeches And Sermons
  59. King, Martin Luther Nobel Lecture
  60. King, Martin Luther Nonviolence Strategy, Tactics Of Social Change
  61. King, Martin Luther Quotes
  62. King, Martin Luther Search For Beloved Community
  63. King, Martin Luther Strength To Love
  64. King, Martin Luther Nonviolent Strategies And Tactics For Social Change
  65. Kohlberg, Lawrence Moral Development
  66. Kohlberg, Lawrence Theory Of Moral Development
  67. Malcolm X
  68. Maslow, Abraham Motivation And Personality
  69. Maslow, Abraham Business Reader
  70. Maslow, Abraham Principles Of Abnormal Psychology
  71. Maslow, Abraham New Knowledge In Human Values
  72. Maslow, Abraham Toward A Psychology Of Being
  73. Maslow, Abraham Religious Values And Peak Experiences
  74. Maslow, Abraham Epsychian Management
  75. Maslow, Abraham Farther Reaches Of Human Nature
  76. Max Neef, Mannford Barefoot Economics
  77. Max Neef, Mannford Economics Unmasked
  78. Max Neef, Mannford Human Scale Development
  79. Max Neef, Mannford Real Life Economics
  80. Max Neef, Mannford From The Outside Looking In
  81. Montagu, Ashley Biosocial Nature Of Man
  82. Montagu, Ashley Darwin Competition And Cooperation
  83. Montagu, Ashley Dehumanization Of Man
  84. Montagu, Ashley Learning Non-aggression
  85. Montagu, Ashley Man And Aggression
  86. Montagu, Ashley On Being Human
  87. Moore, Thomas Utopia
  88. Moral Psychology Handbook
  89. Parks, Rosa Rebellious Life Of Rosa Parks
  90. Paul, Alice Conversations With Alice Paul
  91. Rauschenbusch, Walter A Theology For Social Change
  92. Rauschenbusch, Walter Christianizing The Social Order
  93. Rauschenbusch, Walter Unto Me
  94. Rauschenbusch, Walter Dare We Be Christians
  95. Rauschenbusch, Walter Prayers Of The Social Awakening
  96. Rauschenbusch, Walter Social Principles Of Jesus
  97. Rogers, Carl A Way Of Being
  98. Rogers, Carl Dialogues
  99. Rogers, Carl Reader
  100. Roosevelt, Eleanor On My Own
  101. Roosevelt, Eleanor Quotes
  102. Roosevelt, Eleanor Biography
  103. Roosevelt, Eleanor Tomorrow Is Now
  104. Roosevelt, Eleanor You Learn By Doing
  105. Roosevelt, Eleanor Learn By Living
  106. Ruskin, John Unto This Last
  107. Ruston, Bayard Bayard Rustin And The Civil Rights Movement
  108. Schweitzer, Albert All Men Are Brothers
  109. Schweitzer, Albert Animals Nature
  110. Schweitzer, Albert Civilization And Ethics
  111. Schweitzer, Albert Quest For The Historical Jesus
  112. Schweitzer, Albert World Religions
  113. Schweitzer, Albert Autobiography
  114. Schweitzer, Albert Essential Writings
  115. Schweitzer, Albert Christianity And The Religions Of The World
  116. Sorokin, Pitirim Crisis Of Our Age
  117. Sorokin, Pitirim Explorations In Love
  118. Sorokin, Pitirim Reconstruction Of Humanity
  119. Sorokin, Pitirim Social And Cultural Dynamics
  120. Sorokin, Pitirim Social Philosophy
  121. Sorokin, Pitirim Ways And Power Of Love
  122. Sorokin, Pitirim Crisis Of Our Age
  123. Teresa Of Calcutta Anyway
  124. Teresa Of Calcutta In My Own Words
  125. Teresa Of Calcutta Unto The Least Of These
  126. Tolstoy, Leo Confession
  127. Tolstoy, Leo Gospel In Brief
  128. Tolstoy, Leo Gospel In Brief Sayings
  129. Tolstoy, Leo Kingdom Of God Is Within You
  130. Tolstoy, Leo Law Of Love And Law Of Violence
  131. Tolstoy, Leo My Religion
  132. Tolstoy, Leo Quotations
  133. Tolstoy, Leo What I Believe
  134. Tolstoy, Leo What Men Live By
  135. Tolstoy, Leo Calendar Of Wisdom
  136. Tolstoy, Leo Gandhi Tolstoy Letters
  137. Tolstoy, Leo In Pursuit Of Happiness
  138. Tolstoy, Leo Wise Thoughts For Everyday
  139. Tutu, Desmond God Has A Plan
  140. Tutu, Desmond Hope And Suffering
  141. Tutu, Desmond Rainbow People Of God
  142. Tutu, Desmond Quotations
  143. Vonnegut, Kurt Man Without A Country
  144. Vonnegut, Kurt Fates Worse Than Death
  145. Wilson, S. Brian Autobiography
  146. Wilson, S. Brian Blood On The Tracks
  147. Wilson, S. Brian On Third World Legs
  148. Wilson, Diane Diary Of An Echo Outlaw
  149. Wilson, Diane Holy Roller
  150. Wilson, Diane An Unreasonable Woman

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