LSGIA Being: Fundamental readings.

The people at this site are horrible about judging people. Only themselves. But they are also Relentless at judging the truth because they believe that all hope is based on the truth. Gandhi repeatedly said, truth is God. Meaning truth will reign and Rule and decide, have the last word, in the end. We here believe in applying that most to informing our own lives.

Time is a horrible thing to waste, as time as the measure of our own lives. Time is the measure of life. We here tend to measure that in terms of each breath. We don't waste ours, and we don't want you to waste yours.

There are fundamental readings here in the sense that if they pass the litmus test of your soul, your LSGIA Being, then this site May well be worth your time. And if these core readings do not pass that test for you, this is not worth your time, at least not now.

If these Works make your soul sing, then invest time at this site.

1.  Spiritual Evolution, George Vaillant 

2. Words of the man Jesus according to the Jesus seminar

3.  Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy letters


4. The gospel in Brief, the book that saved Tolstoy from suicide and created the men Gandhi and dr. King. Isabella Hapgood translation.

5. Abraham Maslow.

6.  Walter rauschenbusch, Christianity and social crisis

7. John Ruskin unto this last

8. On Being Human, Ashley montagu, chapter 10.

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