A Caterpillar (LSGIA Being) training base

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There comes a time when the caterpillar it seems cannot stand being a caterpillar anymore so much so that it will literally disintegrate itself into a soup of protoplasm so that it can become an entire new thing

All of us at this site are caterpillars or maybe were caterpillars.  Being a caterpillar just didn't seem to be what we were born for not that there's anything wrong with caterpillars.  Truly it just didn't  seem what we were born for and more importantly it didn't seem to be what the other caterpillars needed us to be. 

Oh they WANTED us to be caterpillars desperately.  any evidence that we were trying to become something beyond being a caterpillar was terrifying to them  frightening offensive even to the point that most of us that have tried to get beyond being a caterpillar have been opposed inhibited and even ultimately killed for trying or becoming. 

And maybe every one of us here at would have given up to the pressure. 

But somehow we knew at an instinctual level that we didn't understand but we knew at that instinctual level that we needed to do this for the other caterpillars that they would suffer,  were suffering,  and would ultimately die prematurely a terrible death if we didn't show them that they were meant for something better.

We here at LSGIA Being com all have made it or are seriously along the way.  And we will pay any price to help other caterpillars become the butterfly they were born to be.  So we have assembled here from throughout the ages to attempt to be a gathering of experts,  examples,  mentors,  inspiration,  encouragement to the one in a million caterpillars that experience a yearning that they will pay any personal price to express. 

There is no way to eliminate the excruciating work,  the excruciating pain,  the tremendous effort,  and the cultural backlash that can even be fatal.  It's not possible to eliminate that. 

But we are gathered at this LSGIA being site to show you that it is possible,  to show you that it is normal,  and to provide for you some bit of what was necessary for every one of us to become. 

Gandhi made it because of seeing the man Jesus through the lens that Leo Tolstoy provided and with additional help from John Ruskin and His Four essays entitled, unto this last.

Jesus made it because of John Baptist, Amos and Isaiah. 

Tolstoy made it because of the Jesus that he found in the original Greek gospels. The Jesus that he found in the church had repulsed him and was the opposite of what he found in the original Greek gospels.  Doing so literally saved Tolstoy's life which he was determined to end because he found it agony and then he spent the nexr 40 years of his life dying to share with us what he had found in those original Greek texts. 

All we humans are born with the genetic imprint as LSGIA beings and to remain LSGIA  beings.  The tiny hunter gatherer tribes of 30 people that we originally assembled in many thousands of years ago were perfect environments to actualize into full bloom in adulthood this LSGIA being.  But by the tragic accident of agricultural techniques being discovered 6000 years ago our joint cocoon of 30 person tribes was destroyed and replaced by thousands of people aggregated,  destroying the actualizing Clues, calls, inspirations, contact, intimacy, examples that made the being of butterfly an obvious desirable thing to be. 

We have no illusion that any caterpillar exploding with the need to become something new,  that one in a million,  we have no illusion they will find us. 

The all but one in the million will scorn,  ignore,  belittle,  berate,  denounce this LSGIA Being. If they find it.  Exactly as they did to us when we were alive,  after we died,  until someone figured out how to turn us into a safe dime store novel or Grade B movie to amuse caterpillars and help caterpillars feel good about staying caterpillars. 

But that one in the million or two in the million caterpillar will here involuntarily feel that they are among family probably for the first time. 

A kind soul asked don't you all want millions to find the site incredulous that the answer could be no.

On a freezing cold damp night out in the forest where a camp of people has gotten stranded and a tiny little spark and a twig coming to flame desperate to give warmth to all those people,  if it were asked,  don't you want 6 big wet logs to find you?  The answer would be a scream, no!!  a few tiny dry twigs yes.

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