Revolution now, the only hope for anything decent

The fish is the last one to discover water. We are swimming in delusion,  the critical and necessary enabler for this insane suicidal culture.

Are you among the one in a million that can't avoid seeing that the future is hell if it is not already hell for you? This by every objective concrete measure.

The only thing you have power over is what you attempt to do with each breath. That is the only Power that any of us have.

Revolution in these times means what it always should have meant, the total turning of Direction, a total inversion of the way things are from a world of Oppression by the powerful, buy the neurological head and flesh, to a world of support of the weakest by the strongest, the greatest among you will be the servant of all said the man Jesus. A world dominated by the neurological Soul, heart.

You were born a loving Soul of goodness in action being, where you not? Is not everyone? You can return to that way of being, and in that you become the revolution. There is no other way to wage the revolution,  only to kill what little time is left.

Can you save the world? Almost certainly not, it is way too late for that. Though if it is not too late this is the only path objectively. Everything else is more of the same. But that's not the question. Can you save a livable future for yourself psychologically? Can you reestablish your soul, your heart,  in charge of your head and flesh? Absolutely yes. Can you help someone else to a psychologically livable future like this? Only by being the revolution yourself as thoroughly and quickly as you can.

And if you do so you will be embracing the only joyful,  fully gratifying fully meaningful path of life on Earth by whatever words or none.

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