Truth and

80% complete.

There is no illusion that this effort, this site,  will ever materially help even one person.

But we believe it is an important reflection of the truth, A more important reflection than we have had now, everything to do with this site. It is obvious, but it hasn't been provided.

It's a curious thing about the truth. There are tens of thousands of experts out there to tell us what the truths are. But deep in our soul we have a profoundly accurate truth recognizer. People like Jesus appealed to this only, Gandhi to.

And probably everyone at this site regardless of what the prevailing research and expertise of their time and place says their ultimate ruler is the truth sensor in their chest.

And all our faith is there. We hope it's obvious we research the hell out of things but that's not the ultimate determinant. Otherwise we would be paralyzed by the past.

If you blindly accept what is at this site, or anyplace else, as truth then this site is not for you. If you hold truth sacred and will pay any price to find it then you might find us kindred spirits and that we have done some work here that you will find useful.

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