Who are LSGIA Beings?

James, the curator of this site, and the author of this post, makes no apology for the subjective nature of this post in particular. The limbic system, the mammalian brain, the soul, is the most miraculous elements of the Triune brain, and by far the least quantifiable. How can that in the name of goodness be apologized for? Rather, all of us must find the courage to enter into that wonder, that awesome responsibility, that place of all hope and joy, explore, learn, and responsibly share the insights we achieve.
Having devoted a lifetime James knows more about the human nervous system, reptilian, computer, mammalian soul, then when he started, a whole lot more.
As curator of this site certainly James has a responsibility to put forth as specifically as he can who is the city of being, and who is the antithesis, and who is in between. This spreadsheet is a living attempt to do just that, mostly and first of all James to himself, but out of responsibility and value James shares it here.
( this is just a small snapshot, this picture. The above link should show you the entire sheet.)

The five Criterion that for each individual were ranked + 5 all the way to -5, are listed across the top of this picture and on the spreadsheet. The first two categories were added together and / 2. The next three categories where are added together, divided by 3, and multiplied by -1. The values were then added together.

There has been no attempt by James to massage or fine-tune this spreadsheet. He did his best to access with his soul in charge the rest of his neurological resources to sift through a lifetime of experience and study to arrive at the results of this sheet. Does he think they are precise? Does he think they cannot be argued? Does he think they are absolutely correct? He knows for certain that the answers are no, no, and no.
He also knows that when he scans through the results having sorted them that he is not too dissatisfied with the results although he is significantly surprised with some of the results.

For example, James continues to extole Chris Hedges as the most important intellect writing today.  So how can Chris not be in the top Echelon of LSGIA being? Really not one at all?  This was a bit of a surprise for James.  But what this exercise taught James is that  it is more complex than he has thought. There are people with tremendous insight  regarding  issues of the Soul, wholeness, Unity, Humanity,  that are not of the soul in charge.

 Why the distinctions then? Example is not the major thing in influencing people, it is the only thing, said Albert Schweitzer. James holds himself to extremely high academic standards, but he is not an academition, but a soul in agony for the world and trying to help at least one or two, or to die trying. And regarding this site and his life James sees the ultimate hope in the example of being LSGIA.

And how useful for James, and how useful for you, to review the outcome of the process in this list, and to see whether you fundamentally agree or fundamentally disagre At least in terms of your time as to whether invest it further in this  site, how useful to you!

From the credible view of any number of important scientists and academics, the soul, the limbic system, has been maliciously neglected and denigrated throughout complex human history. There's a strong tendency for even the great of heart to be frightened away because of this. How daunting to explore what has been treated with such hostility. James will not shy away from the task.

James asserts here that his soul and lifelong study indicates that this list is much more useful, much more accurate, than not. If you agree, this site might be helpful for you and you are in all possibility one in a million that it is designed for.

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