Joy is your every need.

If you don't hate your life, Jesus, as you can imagine an addict, the one in a million fortunate addict, that finds they hate their life, and need to claw their way to something better, would rather die than stay where they are, then this site is for you. Unless you are the one in a million, with the quality of life of the people you see at this site, then you are an addict, addicted to the pleasure and happiness, illusory though it may be, of the tyrannical head, cerebral cortex, and flesh, Reptilian Brain, hypothalamus, in charge. Tyrannizing the soul you were given, the mammalian limbic system in charge, the heart. Joy being the fruit of the heart in charge, and unless you are that one in a million, your life is joyless. It may be crammed with everything you else you see in this picture that our Society Revere's, but it is joyless. If that is not how you experience it, waste no more time at this site.

If you see joy in the people at this site, a joy that you crave, a joy that you are dying for, then this site might save your life.

If you do not want the quality of life that the people of this site have don't waste another second here.

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