You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body and a computer. Anonymous. Detail

We are born as a soul and then our entirely sick culture crushes that under the other two parts of our Triune brain, our Triune nervous system, head and flesh. We at this site have substantially overthrown the tyranny of head and flesh in charge, returning our soul, our heart, to its rightful place of being in charge, every breath, the only state of unending joy and peace of heart. And now the Neuroscience, cultural anthropology, ethology, primatology, and other research science that substantiates what we individually have done over the centuries. This is probably the single most important book in existence today. It is too late to save life on Earth, but it is not too late to save each individual soul to experience life on Earth.

Do not read this book without first reading this review:

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