There is only one answer to more good in the world.

There is only one sure answer to a world with more good: More profoundly good people. You are the only one you control.

More people like these.

There is no other answer. My body and head desperately want another answer. My soul knows this is the only one.

Be what you need to see in the world. Anything and everything else that you can do is a distraction from this, the only possible help.

What form does it take? What does it look like? It looks like clarity. It looks like laser focus on this as the solution, and total dedication. It looks like ferocious unwillingness to be distracted by anything other than this.

As a species, we have tried everything else, haven't we? We have. This is all that's left. This is all the really ever was. All of the great Souls throughout history have told us this, and nothing else.

Everything else is a self-indulgent distraction, killing what little time is left.

If you understand it differently it would be a great kindness where you to let me know.

Oh, and it has zero to do with being known. For every one of these that is known there are probably hundreds that we have never known the name of. Be a LSGIA Being.

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