Your future is Armageddon, unless you choose this way…

Yes we have been brought up in the Western World of by and for delusion, fantasy, denial, illusion…. And for a few more years some May find acceptable existence within that.

But the forecast could hardly be more clear.

Several profoundly truth filled, if way too late, articles read Slade. If you want a forecast of the storm, how severe, how deadly, it will be, you must endure these articles.

Just When Did America Go Nuts

Behind Trump's bewildering Avalanche of Lies.

Paradigm shift is needed address crises of civilization

America has been based 100% of by and for Fantasy, illusion, self-serving denial.

This is 1930s Weimar Germany but on a global scale. And on a globe that is out of resources, out of time, out of patience, out of forgiveness. By every objective measure of reality this is exactly where we are and it is not going to be turned around. It is decades or centuries too late. The hole is dug. We are not going to climb out.

Collectively we are not going to be saved. But you can save yourself and in doing so create the possibility of another saving themselves. There are people throughout history that have done so. There are people throughout history that have given their lives to show us the way. There are people throughout history that have not done so but they have  provided extraordinary service in pointing the way. In sharing the rationale, the research, the theory. Http://

I don't expect you are still reading. I don't expect you to listen to me. But I can't control any of that.

I save myself by living in the place of attempt, attempt to be in and of the light. That's how it feels. In the midst of the totally horrible cataclysmic storm. The worst nightmare in the history of humankind, and it is not going to stop. It is getting worse with every passing hour and the acceleration is now geometric. And the degree to which I am the light my life is joy and the agony of every breath facing the horrors more than anyone. And I create that space of joy as a possibility for others. I wish the same for you.


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